Social Media Optimization For SEO

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Even though more than a few people are learning to use social media effectively, and social media consultants are popping up like weeds; most are not incorporating Basic SEO 101 tactics and thus leaving an enormous amount of money on the table... money that's not going to be recouped, save for the cost of implementation, and marketing to reach the most potential customers.

Most people are writing excellent content, and utilizing the social media tools that allow them to easily communicate with customers and gain exposure. However, these same people are leaving money on the table.

If effective communications are being made during those first stages of a campaign, it'll be crucial to make sure that the money you invest in those efforts carry the money forward into more efficient and effective communications. First initiative always begins with the research and development stages of marketing.

communication is an intricate and detailed process, and one that begins long before even an Cost Effective SEO can be developed. The development of a product, or the creation of a business plan, are the very first steps in a development process.

What many business owners don't realize is that the communications develop even before a website is built. That first step in the development process is often making a decision on what will be included on the website, and design of the website. This decision can include things like the color of the logo, or type of font, and color scheme of the site.

A site that is color scheme, fonts, and logo are on the front- burner of the development process. That site will have been beautifully and beautifully developed, but there is still one more area that is almost always overlooked. That site is the social media arena.

We've all heard how social media marketing can be the difference in the performance of an internet marketing campaign. And while I agree with the hype, it takes more than Facebook and Twitter to make the difference.

An effective marketing plan will include a schedule of improvised platforms, media, ideas and more. This is what many business owners do, and then they are disappointed when social media marketing does not deliver the return on investment, or an ugly monster, instead ofonda.

Social Outsourcing

As a business owner, your social media marketing is who you have to please. This is your alter ego, outside influences, so I know you don't have time to socialize unless you're a busy person. True, you can manage to do socializing your own, but mostly you're at their mercy.

Your social media marketing employee works with you 24/7. Even if you're out promoting a product or service, or just having a good time with family or friends, chances are you're away from your social media accounts.

When I first had my advertising meeting with my social media and search engine optimization company, I was excited. Everybody in the room was ranting and raving about how great their social media marketing was and how they would rank top on Google and Yahoo.

When the representatives from the company came onto the stage, I asked them, "Before you start, can I get your social media marketing plan and your search engine optimization guy to come down and meet with me in person?"

I'm sure they both knew that I had met with them previously, because they had told me about all of the things that they agreed upon.

I took them down to a localSTDOUTistic who performed a standard check on my available local SEO and couldn't find anything they would agree upon. Not even once was it discussed. The meeting was over, they weren't budging, they weren't compromising, so I gave them my business.

Twitter was a easy sell. I've known other companies that wouldn't even allow their employees to be in the same room as the person who is working on their search engine optimization. Get creative, get creative, and you can sell anybody anything.

But where were the profits? I thought to myself. Sure, I'm an SEO expert. I know everything. True, I don't get out there and share all of the tricks and tips all that time. Sometimes I can get away with it, but multiple times I've heard it was done improperly, on one particular client's sites. Even if it's not done correctly on the small training I offer, why put the techniques above into use?

Why? Wouldn't it benefit my clients to see a visual of what is happening during an SEO project?

I recently had to fire another client for using what I viewed as inexperienced SEO techniques. After the fire, I looked over my client's website. He had put every single page up " manually". There was no html coding, no kidding! Put it this way, he didn't want me to see any of it.

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